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Incenters Rolls Out World Trade Center Pilot Program Across 7 Countries

Incenters has rolled out a World Trade Center Pilot Program across 7 countries : France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium. More than 20 WTC's have been selected for this program expected to finish January 1, 2020. This initiative was taken in result of the European Regional Meeting that [...]

World Trade Center Pescara Joins Incenters

WTC Pescara and Incenters have joined forces to further improve the digital presence of World Trade Centers online. WTC Pescara has agreed to adopt and optimize all three axes Incenters proposes: Standard WTC Website Dedicated Member Portal Member Media Services We are proud to have launched WTC Pescara's brand new [...]

Incenters Launch Date Announced for World Trade Centers

The official launch date for our WTC partners is September 2, 2019. You will now be able to communicate to your business member community that the WTC member's portal is now available for use. You are the pioneers of creating a digital WTC Network. For existing Incenters partners : The [...]

WTC Metz-Saabrücken European Regional Meeting

Thank you to World Trade Center Metz-Saarbrücken for the opportunity to present Incenters and Incenters Media during the 2019 WTCA European Regional Meeting. We are thrilled with all of the positive feedback and support we are getting and look forward to the future of a digitally connected WTC network powered [...]