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Votre communauté, en un seul endroit.

La plate-forme Incenters a été conçue pour votre communauté d’affaires, votre association ou d’autres réseaux d’entreprise afin de simplifier la gestion de votre adhésion. Fournissez à votre adhésion des outils numériques supplémentaires qui leur permettent de développer leur entreprise au niveau local et au-delà.

Les centres d’affaires ou d’autres associations avec une plate-forme Incenters ont un taux de rétention de 37% avec leurs membres, par rapport à d’autres qui ne le font pas. En outre, les centres d’affaires attirent 15% de prospects de plus que leurs concurrents grâce à une plate-forme Incenters.

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Incenters’ Features and Beyond

Adopt an Incenters platform and benefit from a product jam-packed with cool features that will allow you to manage your community, and provide them with some extra digital tools to progress.

The World’s Most Powerful Global Business Networks

Powered by the Incenters platform.

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center Global Network is composed of more than 330 physical business centers, welcoming more than 750,000 connected members around the world.

Discover World Trade Center

Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce represent over 12,000 physical points in 140 countries providing local and international trade services to companies across all industries.

Discover Chambers of Commerce

Alliance Business Centers

Alliance Business Center Network connects over 600 serviced business centers in 80 countries. It is one of the largest players in the workplace industry today.

Discover ABCN

CCI France International

CCI France International is a premium group of French Chambers of Commerce located in 110 countries composed of 35,000 members.

Discover CCI France International


The Union of Chambers of Commerce in the Indian Ocean compose of 15 of the most important and strategic Chambers in the Souther Hemisphere.

Discover UCCIOI
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Why Incenters ?

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Incenters Platform:

  • Receive a website, ready to plug and play.

  • Provide a new range of digital tools to your membership

  • Attract new members with an upgraded sales proposition.

  • Easily manage your business center or association.

  • Your platform can be fully customized to your choosing.

  • Monetize your platform

  • Receive automatic updates and new features.

  • 24/7 support desk

  • International online security certifications.

  • White label platform dedicated to your brand.

Incenters, anywhere.

Your membership will be able to connect to your platform via the Incenters mobile app anywhere and anytime. The app will be available in iOS and Google Play by Q4 2018.

Discover Incenters Media.

Video creation and much more, at your fingertips.

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